商用单头绣花机 HCH701.

HCH is the 7 needle auto color change compact size single head embroidery machine for entry level embroiderers and shops. Same as other models, HCH also comes with a whole package of lucrative features - Position laser marker, Bobbin thread winder, popular size standard hoops and variety optional attachments. Its user friendly control panel is easy to operate and in-depth useful functions are the very proof of "Japanese-style" attentiveness. Now HCH is ready to work for you.





display screen

LCD Touchscreen 7 "inch


number of needles

7 pin


The maximum number of rounds

1,000 SPM // 300 - 1,000 stitches / minute.


The maximum number of rounds (embroidered hat).

600 SPM // 300 - 600 stitches / minute.


Area lace embroidery can actually pull in general.

290 x 290 mm


Area lace embroidery can actually pull a hat.

70 x 180 mm

Why Happy HCH-701-30

Control Panel, 

a TFT-the LCD 7 ".

 Air Happy HCH panel TFT-LCD that is touch. To control and easy to use because they see the work and function of the controls, can learn to use the equipment is easy and fast.

Font size

  There are 12 letters and 6 sizes to choose from and you can edit the monogramming machines, such as curves and bends.

Hooke is the small and compact.

  Happy HCH device with the hook of the small and compact, making it possible to implant a narrow diameter in areas where normal equipment can not be embroidered, such as sleeves, shirt pocket.

Sensors warn that absence

  Happy HCH device with a sensor that warns you when a lack or absence of basic thread running machine will automatically stop and a warning screen to insert the thread or thread below.

Replacing a simple thread

  You can thread easy for beginners to enter more easily than others.

More than 100 small embroidered pattern.

  It has 100 built-in embroidery free to choose the applications you use.

Filled out the installation of the equipment.

  HappyHCH air preparation equipment, filling up pretty readily available, using the motor and run freely on open machine can fill up pretty good.

Laser positioning

  Laser positioning 0 Stitches beginning of embroidery that has been selected.

Connect the LAN 

  Happy HCH device supports connection to a LAN, making it easy to send data and systems architecture makes use of machine embroidery Happy. HCH networking problems without putting a pound Machine shining though a veil.

Optional accessories


Embroidery hoop hat

Embroidery work on a cap, hat and carrying a ball cap, children or others as required.



Hoop embroidered hats 



Embroidery hoop socks 


Embroidery hoop shoes


Universal clip hoop

Universal clip frames